Join Us

Instructions for all Members:

  • All members need to perform their duties and responsibility efficiently and honestly.
  • Members found violating code of conduct will be suspended.
  • Any mis-conduct and mis behavior at any stage is extremely prohibited
  • Any practice found against MFG Foundation aims & objectives will be punishable.
  • Any discrimination and violation of law by anyone will be strictly punishable.

Associate Member

  • Initially every person who wants to join/joined with MFG Foundation has to register as our associate member by filling up membership form and registration fees of ₹100 annually.
  • Membership will be valid from date of joining to date of joining next year.
  • Membership ID will be sent through mail after form submission with id card.
  • Minimum age -18 yrs complete
  • Maximum – 50 yrs

Executive Member

  • Members serving for at least 1 year as active member are eligible for Executive Member.
  • Executive Members will have to pay membership fees of Rs 1563 annually.
  • Executive Members will be assigned task based on MFG Foundation aims and objectives.
  • Executive Members will supervise various team in association and coordination of active members all activities and events performed by MFG Foundation.
  • Executive Member can participate in decision making.