Who We Are

The organization was founded towards achieving an organized and well maintained educated and empowered society . The belief of Universal brotherhood and equal opportunity for the welfare of economically and socially backward people. The main pillars on which the organization stands is equal and uniform opportunities in vision of forming India into an powerful nation through technical and non – technical development. These goals keeps the motivation alive. We are also working hard towards excellence of humankind and environment and for that various activities and programs are organized throughout the year. Indian society requires it’s youth to be educated with good education system to strengthen the youth .


To safeguard our integrity and diversity the poverty and ignorance at basic levels of a child’s growth results in increasing dependency and inefficiency of the young people which affects the overall progress of the country. The organization here safeguards this future of the society by identifying the areas which need growth and external support. Likewise, a common concern is established in those sections where people can come over and help the underprivileged sections by their mutual support and involvement in various activities.

Education is our fundamental right now, which is a thing of great concern and we at MFG foundation have identified this concern and kept it at our priority. The team at mfg foundation is a team of dedicated individuals who are willing to work for society and the entire humanity. The events are solely hosted by our team and their involvement and efforts has achieved good results in the society. The policies and reforms made by the government are implemented at every level and also the awareness for such policies is created at various levels. The individual of the team.comes from different backgrounds and areas of study, so they share a common concern for the upliftment of society.

The organisation on a whole is a blend of thoughts and ideas on a larger front and it shapes up to a building block in the society that is indeed building other bigger blocks, so that the entire foundation of the country is strong and it comes up as a fully developed nation. The aim of the organisation is towards striving for a life worth living and it is working on the measures of humanity. The principles followed are the one’s followed by our prominent social leaders and reformers during their lifetime and virtues that were possessed by them is what we impart to our team so that it brings a meaningful difference in lives of individuals.

The overall impact of the organisation is seen in terms of their activities organized and the efforts and plannings for the coming times which will in turn be towards bringing a beautiful change in the country. The vision of forming India with the progress of Indians at every level is what we are taking forward at MFG Foundation.

— Our Mission

Promoting depravity of youth and women empowerment through association, consultation and collaboration.

— Our Vision

MFG aspires to achieve a empowered society where every youth attains sustainable developement and employment to raise high standard with their association and participation.


Empowerment of youth through Education, employment and business (startup, new ideas and consultation) promoting MSME,.

Areas of Activity

  • Youth Empowerment
  • Women Empowerment
  • Guidance and consultation for Business (MSME) and new start ups
  • Training and skill development work shops
  • Internship programs
  • Motivational sessions
  • Personality development
  • Social awareness program
  • Educational guidance & career counselling.
  • Job placement assistance.
  • Digital literacy
  • Financial literacy (savings and investment)

Our Supporters

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